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  • Complete range

    Complete range

    More than 8,000 products covering more than 10 major categories.

  • Quality system

    Quality system

    The most advanced GCMS enhanced the ability of quality control on raw materials and new products’ creation and development. The advanced bar-code system with tracing ability in whole process to ensure world class quality performance. 

  • Professional research and development

    Professional research and development

    R&D teams composed of local graduated experts and senior industry experts from China and oversea (France, Japan).

  • Custom service

    Custom service

    Effective tailor-made ERP system developed by senior industry experts, ensure high level and suitable products for customers.

Fragrance Category

Fragrance Category
  •  Industrial fragrance
    Date: Industrial fragrance
  • Skin care fragrances
    Date:Skin care fragrances
  • Detergent fragrances
    Date:Detergent fragrances
  • Shampoo shower gel fragrances
    Date:Shampoo shower gel fragrances
  • Perfume fragrances
    Date:Perfume fragrances
  • Oral care fragrances
    Date:Oral care fragrances

Professional team, research and development of high quality products




01Company’s strengths

1.Experienced and creative technical team-The technical team is from world leading fragrance company; the chief perfumer had been in Givaudan, Quest and Symrise for 20-40 years of oversea working and training experience.

2.Effective tailor-made bar-code system ensures high level and suitable products for customers.


Company’s strengths
After Sales Service

02After Sales Service

1.Advanced bar-code system with tracing ability in the whole process to ensure world class stability and quality performance.

2.Senior technical consultants to solve & answer industry questions

Product quality is the life of the company

    • 01Advanced GCMS quality monitoring system
    • 02Quality guaranteed by professional experts
    • 03Production with advanced bar-code system to ensure the accuracy of tracking and batching in recording.
    • 04High precision and advanced production equipment and analytical instruments
    • 05Unique waterless production processing, zero discharge of sewage
    • 06Extensive market concept, new technology application
    • 07100% production testing and passes rate



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Company website:www.cb-trio.com

To serve the people:

Customer demand is our pursuit; Olfaction Art is customer-oriented, 
Dedicated to providing customers with comprehensive, meticulous and caring services




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